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Toilet Projects

Latrines take a month to build, but they make a lifelong impact in schools. We use quality materials to withstand the challenges of students and the arid landscapes that the schools are in.

Every child deserves to have great toilets, but unfortunately, the reality is that a good majority of schools have inadequate facilities. Most don’t have hand washing facilities nor a water source. We put a stop to open defecation and embarrassment when nature calls.

Join our ‘Build-a-Block’ revolution by transforming schools by giving students and staff great toilets.

The Facts

The Results

Establishing sanitation facilities impacts schools and the wider community. Schools are more easily able to recruit teachers, particularly in very rural areas. Female student attendance increases dramatically, particularly as the students get older.

Implementing a hand washing station and educating the students around this increases the health of the students. They become life long implementors of good hygiene practices and they were taught as children. Children are more open to discussing and changing their hygiene habits than adults whose behaviour has been established over a lifetime.

Latrine Costs:

On average the price of a block of latrines is $5,000. In most schools we complete a separate block for the boys, girls, and the staff. We ensure that they have a privacy wall for child safety purposes, noting that the teachers are able to monitor access to the latrines.

Latrines are made from stone or brick, coloured bonding iron for the roof, and steel doors. Ventilation is provided through a small window and roof piping.

It takes one month to complete a set of latrines.

Health Education Program

Hygiene education is an essential part of the BeyondWater projects.

Once the latrines are completed we install a hand washing facility and teach students how to make liquid hand soap. In addition to this we hold a program with all of the students to teach the importance of hand washing after using the latrine. We achieve this through drama, games, drama and singing.

When available, we distribute underwear to the students as many do not have even one pair. Underwear can be difficult to attain for the needy families that we work with and they are always thrilled to receive a new pair.

A hygiene program ranges from $100 to $300 depending on the location.

If you would like to be a part of toilets & health education project, you can make a donation