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Hydrate to Educate

Most students live with dehydration. We counteract this by installing several tanks and guttering on classrooms. Then we place desktop filters in classrooms and staffrooms.

Most school buildings do not have any form of guttering, leaving valuable rainwater to escape unutilised. People walk on average 6 kilometers/3.7miles to collect water from the nearest river or are having to purchase their water with already-dwindling funds.

Schools do not escape this struggle and students often bring dirty river water in bottles to help with classroom cleaning and drinking. Most students are heavily dehydrated, affecting their school performance.

We work to remedy this by installing guttering on the roofs of our toilet blocks and other buildings on the campus in addition to installing water tanks to store the collected water for use.  Desktop filters are given for use in the classroom and staff area.

Let’s transform schools through new gutters ($1,500), a 10,000 litre water tank ($1,500) – a simple but effective way to collect water. Once these are installed, we like to put in at least 3 desktop water filter ($100 each) to ensure that the water from the rooftop is even more purified. We train the students and staff on how to maintain the filters during our health education days

If you would like to be a part of tanks & gutters project, you can make a donation